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Success Story: The Story Behind the Face of the Trade Hub

01 October 2014

From cleaner to receptionist to star-award recipient, Joyce Madimabe's journey at the Trade Hub reads like a work place Cinderella tale for any woman who has ever felt limited by her lack of education or professional skills. Instead of a prince, Joyce relied on her own personal drive and desire to learn. In place of a fairy godmother, Joyce had a cadre of female Trade Hub employees as mentors

One Step Closer to Food Security: the Agricultural Storage Investment Fund

01 September 2014

Stakeholders in Malawi have identified a major bottleneck to the further growth of Malawi’s agri-marketing system: the lack of affordable financing for the development of new, more decentralized warehousing infrastructure. Farmers in many rural parts of Malawi, and more broadly across Southern Africa, are in practice excluded from storage, and through storage to finance, markets, and market information.

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HUB DIGEST--Monitoring & Evaluation: the Key to Effective Development

01 September 2014

USAID projects around the globe must be periodically analyzed to determine whether American taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely and productively. With an annual budget of almost ten billion dollars, the United States Agency for International Development invests in health, agricultural, education, environmental, governance and economic growth projects throughout the world in more than 100 different countries.

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Getting Down to Details: An Interview on the Agricultural Storage Investment Fund

01 September 2014

After the September 4 Investor Conference in Johannesburg, which was organized to initiate a new Agricultural Storage Investment Fund for Malawi and subsequently the rest of the region, Hub Happenings sat down with Trade Hub consultant Adam Gross to learn more.