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One Step Closer to Food Security: the Agricultural Storage Investment Fund

01 September 2014

Stakeholders in Malawi have identified a major bottleneck to the further growth of Malawi’s agri-marketing system: the lack of affordable financing for the development of new, more decentralized warehousing infrastructure. Farmers in many rural parts of Malawi, and more broadly across Southern Africa, are in practice excluded from storage, and through storage to finance, markets, and market information.

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Getting Down to Details: An Interview on the Agricultural Storage Investment Fund

01 September 2014

After the September 4 Investor Conference in Johannesburg, which was organized to initiate a new Agricultural Storage Investment Fund for Malawi and subsequently the rest of the region, Hub Happenings sat down with Trade Hub consultant Adam Gross to learn more.

Our People: Sara Sullivan, Ph.D

01 September 2014

Sara Sullivan is a communications and development professional with experience providing strategic marketing and communications services to clients including USAID, Harvard Law School, and environmental and educational NGOs. She has experience facilitating high profile event management teams and leveraging a wide range of media including print, radio, television and online to help organizations broaden their constituencies and accomplish strategic goals.

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Our People: Thapelo Manale

01 September 2014

Prior to taking up the position as Trade Hub Communications Coordinator, Thapelo Manale served as the Team Coordinator for the Enabling Environment component. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in mass communication from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Malaysia in conjunction with Curtin University Australia where he studied media and communication (2007-2011).

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