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HUB DIGEST: Rural Electrification in Zambia

01 March 2014
clean-energyAccess to modern energy sources such as electricity remains unacceptably low in much of sub-Saharan Africa at about 31% of total population. This is also the case in Zambia where the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) has been tasked with increasing access from the current low levels of 5% to 51% in the next 16 years [1] [10] (see Table 2). This is an ambitious target, but reflects the importance government attaches to rural electrification, as a means to deliver socio-economic development to the people of Zambia residing in remote areas of the country.
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The Critical Role of Stakeholder Participation in the Standards Development Process

01 March 2014
enabling-environmentpicStandards and technical regulations affect everyone's life in one way or another. For example, when we travel to other parts of the world, we expect such things as our electrical gadgets to plug readily into existing infrastructure. It can be quite inconvenient upon realizing that your computer or mobile phone charger is not compatible with the electric socket in your host country. Many international travelers will attest to the complications they endure due to technical incompatibility issues.
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Readying Yourself for Source Africa 2014: Part One of a Three-Part Series

01 March 2014
source-africa-logowhiteParticipating in a trade show is a significant investment that must generate results at the end of the day to be worthwhile. This means exhibitors have to be well-prepared for the event. Designing a checklist is the starting point, as it acts as a reminder about the important preparatory tasks an exhibitor has to accomplish.